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Sunrise Electric Consulting

Designing a logo and brand identity for an electric manufacturers representative

Sunrise Electric Consulting is a team of problem solvers dedicated to empowering electric utility companies and industrial organizations with innovative solutions. I developed a complete logo system and visual identity that represents their values — professionalism, strength, and reliability. 

Outcomes: Logo Design, Brand Identity, Iconography, Photo Curation

Role: Brand Designer

The Process

Strategy and Design

Outcomes: Introductions, Discovery, Research, Strategic Blueprint, Moodboards, Logo Concepts

This client needed a logo, business card, and website on a tight deadline. After a quick chat I started right away with a set of moodboards to get a feel for what the client liked design-wise. I also included a very quick rendering of a possible website design to help the client see the brand come to life. We decided on the first moodboard — a timeless, classy look that reflects their brand values of professionalism and reliability.

With the general design style in place I got started on a logo design that would compliment it — the client already had a fairly good idea of what he wanted, a monogram of the company's initials, so I started digitally right away rather than doing my usual sketch process.  


Outcomes: Logo System, Brand Identity

With a few tweaks we finalized the primary stacked logo form and colors, and I created the rest of the versatile system to go along with it.

For each branding project I aim to include every logo file you'll ever need — whether you're getting your logo embroidered on a company uniform or printing on a billboard. So in addition to the versions seen below, the client also gets a black and white version, a version suitable for light colored backgrounds, and file types JPG, PNG, and EPS. 


Outcomes: Business Card, Website, Brand Identity

I got to work on building out the rest of the brand, with a custom icon set and a curated selection of imagery to be used on our future projects. I compiled all of this plus the color palette and typography into a brand guide to help us launch the brand to the world. This one-pager details the design choices and links out to folders that hold the logos, photographs, icon set, and font files. The brand guide will be a go-to resource for any designers working with the Sunrise brand.

With the brand guidelines in place, I also designed a simple website and a business card. By doing the legwork of the design choices in the beginning, the launching of the brand was as efficient and cohesive as possible!

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