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Small Business
Development Center

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is a nationwide resource that provides free assistance to small businesses. I worked at the Cal Poly CIE SBDC in San Luis Obispo where I gained experience working on a wide range of projects in both print and digital media.

The national SBDC has some basic branding guidelines in place, but luckily I had some room for creativity in our individual center as long as we stuck to shades of reds and blues. In the photo above, you can see some examples of the designs I created for our business system, which includes brochures, flyers, business cards, and thank-you cards. Having worked there for a few years there are a lot of projects that aren’t shown here, but below are a few of my favorites:

Success Stories and Case Studies

To showcase the wins of our amazing clients, I created templates for our Success Stories, which show how we were able to assist certain businesses in achieving their goals, and for our Case Studies, which are a deep dive into the clients’ stories, struggles, and successes.

Marketing Campaign

It was blast working on this vibrant marketing campaign for the SBDC that honed in on the pulse of main street businesses - think retail, health & wellness, and restaurants! I was responsible for crafting all the eye-catching graphics, from social media ads to printed flyers. My personal favorite part of the project was creating illustrations of main street buildings that took cues from the energy of downtown San Luis Obispo.

Slide Deck Presentation Design

I created a slide deck template customized for our center’s needs; the Central California SBDC network ended up adopting most of these slides for their own use as well!

AngelCon Event Branding

AngelCon is an annual event put on by the Cal Poly CIE SBDC where six startups pitch for a $100,000+ equity investment. I was in charge of all graphics and branding for this event and chose a modern and bright theme to showcase the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Click here to see more of AngelCon!

Workshop and Event Branding

One of the key ways the SBDC supports small businesses is by organizing educational workshops on various business-related topics. During my time working there, I was responsible for marketing these workshops through both print and social media.

For each event, I created a variety of graphics for promotion, including a print flyer, YouTube thumbnail, social media graphics, email newsletter graphics, and calendar graphics. I made sure each design was eye-catching and informative to help attract as many attendees as possible.

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