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Illumination Women's Health

Designing a brand identity for a women's health practice

Illumination Women's Health is a practice specializing in perimenopausal treatments. I developed a complete logo system and visual identity that represents their values — authenticity, comfort, and hope. This practice specializes in providing high-quality, evidence-based treatments for women, and is dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing environment for women, while fostering meaningful connections between providers and their patients. 

Outcomes: Logo Design, Brand Identity, Iconography, Photo Curation

Role: Brand Designer


Outcomes: Logo Refinements, Details

As the project progressed, we honed in on the finer details of the logo and the brand identity. We explored various iterations of the logo, narrowing down the options to those that best captured the essence of Illumination Women's Health. This phase was characterized by a meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every aspect of the brand was aligned with the client's vision and goals.

I curated a collection of stock imagery of women looking strong and confident, aligning with our brand values. I also created a set of hand drawn iconography, women faces, and patterns to be used on social media, websites, marketing materials, etc. 


Outcomes: Logo Suite, Brand Guidelines

The culmination of our efforts was the creation of a comprehensive brand book, a testament to the collaborative and iterative process that defined this project. The brand book serves as a blueprint for the client's brand identity, providing guidelines for consistent and impactful communication. With the launch of the brand book, we celebrated a successful partnership and the birth of a brand poised for growth and success.


Outcomes: Introductions, Discovery, Research, Strategic Blueprint, Brand Values, Brand Voice

Our journey kicked off with the client diving into my brand discovery worksheets, which help uncover the business's core values and how they naturally and authentically present themselves to the world — all of the elements that will shape their brand identity. Once I narrowed down what their ideals and preferred styles are, I did market research on the women's health space to figure out where the client's brand values meet the needs of her potential clients. Together we did a deep dive into inspiration brands and checked out the local and national competition, finding our sweet spot in where we can fit into the space and where we can stand out. 

The Process


Outcomes: Logo Concepts, Style Concepts

Armed with a strategic blueprint that accentuated scientific, feminine, comforting tones, I got to work on gathering inspiration for moodboards. These moodboards serve as an at-a-glance snapshot of what the brand could look like — nothing set in stone yet. These help me find a good balance between all of your most important values, as well as make sure the brand's look and feel is resonating with you as the business owner. 

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