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Cellyfill by EDEN Concept

Logo and slide deck design for a sustainability startup

Cellyfill is an exciting startup focusing on a fully sustainable replacement to oil-based cushioning. To capture the essence of their product, I drew inspiration from the beautiful structure of plant cells and cellulose. 

With careful attention to detail and a deep understanding of the company's values, I crafted a logotype that reflects their commitment to sustainability and innovation. The final design is a clean and modern representation of the product's natural origins and its revolutionary impact on the industry.​

Outcomes: Logo Design, Brand Identity, Slide Deck for Investors

Role: Brand Designer, Graphic Designer

Cellyfill now boasts a comprehensive logo system that is sure to make a lasting impression on their audience. With this new logo system in place, I am confident that Cellyfill will be able to establish a strong brand presence and make a real impact in the sustainable materials industry.

I make it a priority to ensure that my clients have everything they need to represent their brand effectively. When it comes to logo design, I provide a comprehensive set of files that includes the primary logo in full color, as well as variations in one color (without gradients), black, and white. In addition, I create a secondary logo, a separate wordmark, and a separate icon in all of the colors.

This system not only guarantees that my clients have all of the necessary assets to promote their brand across various platforms, but it also ensures consistency and versatility in their visual identity.

The Slide Deck

With the logo in place, I got to work on a customizable slide deck template for the Cellyfill team to use for investment pitches. We focused on clean typography and engaging but still soothing colors. 

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