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BEAM Connected

Logo design for a health and wellness startup

BEAM Connected is a health and wellness startup in San Luis Obispo. I had the pleasure of working with the founder to develop a clean and minimal logo to start her off in the branding process. 

By using sleek and simple design elements, I was able to capture the startup's commitment to providing their clients with the best possible experience. I loved being able to bring the vision to life and create a logo that represents their values and mission!

Outcomes: Logo Design, Brand Identity

Role: Brand Designer


Outcomes: Introductions, Discovery, Research, Strategic Blueprint, Brand Values, Brand Voice

I first met with the client to get a feel for her goals and vision for the project. Once I narrowed down what their ideals are, I did market research on the women's health space to figure out where the client's brand values meet the needs of her potential clients. Together we did a deep dive into inspiration brands and checked out the local and national competition, finding our sweet spot in where we can fit into the space and where we can stand out. 

The Process


Outcomes: Logo Concepts, Style Concepts

In this project, the client had a pretty clear idea of what she wanted in a logo – minimalistic and super clean – so I focused my sketches in on clean lines and simple designs that still conveyed a sense of energy. 


Outcomes: Logo Suite, Brand Guides

From there, I had a solid foundation to develop the rest of the logo suite and a simple set of brand identity guidelines, which included color palettes, typography, and how to use the logo. This book was a good start for the founder to get inspiration from once the business got in full swing. The culmination of our efforts was presented in a comprehensive brand book tailored specifically for the client. 


Outcomes: Logo Refinements, Brand Concepts

I presented options that would convey the startup's sense of excitement and energy. I showed these in different formats to show how the concept would look in an app icon, in black and white, and in it's primary forms. Both options have a nice simplistic energy, and ultimately we went with the sunburst lines concept.

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